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Best Areas to Invest in Properties in Islamabad

Best properties in Islamabad


Best Properties in Islamabad

Islamabad is a strategically planned, clean and serene city. This city is considered as one the safest cities for real estate investment in Pakistan. A lot of new and unique real estate projects are initiated in this city that offers numerous investment opportunities and high return on investment.

But everyone needs a safe and secure portal through which they can find out amazing opportunities to invest. If you are looking for the best properties in Islamabad to invest, you don’t need to worry because Green Earth Real Estate has got you covered.

We are the finest property portal that has impressive and most profitable properties in the twin cities. Here we have listed some best areas in Islamabad to invest.




Due to COVID-19 outbreak, the government has announced many relief packages to improve business conditions. This has affected the real estate of the region in a perfect way.

Expansion of Islamabad Expressway and Rawalpindi Ring Road. New industrial zones, housing societies, and education cities along the 38-kilometre long Ring Road are to be established. Similarly, the expansion of the signal-free expressway will bring economic worth to several housing projects. Both ventures will eventually improve the logistic efficiency between the twin cities. Thus it makes Bahria town and DHA the places to invest in 2021.

DHA Property Rate List in Different Years 

DHA Phase 1 Property price list 2015-2020         
Date Price/Sq. Ft
Jun 2015 2,657
May 2017 3,471
Nov 2020 3,759
DHA Phase 2 Properties price list 2015-2020
Date Price/Sq.Ft
Jun 2015 2,844
May 2017 3,582
Nov2020 4,461

best properties in Islamabad


Bahria Town Property Rate List in Different Years 

Bahria Town Phase 1 Properties Price List 2015-2020


Date Price/Sq. Ft
Jun 2015 3,701
May 2017 3,749
Nov 2020 3,907


Bahria Town Phase 2 Properties Price List 2015-2020


Date Price/Sq. Ft
Jun 2015 4,820
May 2017 4,766
Nov 2020 5,084


Bahria Town Phase 3 Properties Price List 2015-2020


Date Price/Sq. Ft
Jun 2015 3,270
May 2017 3,520
Nov 2020 4,005


Bahria Town Phase 4 Properties Price List 2015-2020


Date Price/Sq. Ft
Jun 2015 3,766
May 2017 3,997
Nov 2020 4,299


Bahria Town Phase 7 Properties Price List 2015-2020


Date Price/Sq. Ft
Jun 2015 2,927
May 2017 3,126
Nov 2020 3,658


Bahria Town Phase 8 Properties Price List 2015-2020


Date Price/Sq. Ft
Jun 2015 2,069
May 2017 2,033
Nov2020 2,614

best properties in Islamabad


Real estate is an emerging industry in Pakistan. Investors are interested both in commercial and residential properties, each of them have their pros and cons but it is fruitful to invest in commercial property. Green Earth Real Estate is a subsidiary of AL-BARI group of companies. AL-BARI has recently launched two mega projects:

The Aquatic Mall

The Space Mall

These projects offer high annual returns, no recession and immediate rental returns. It is an amazing investment opportunity. 

the space mall rate list

the aquatic mall rate list

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