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How To Decide If It Is The Right Home For You

find right home for you

Find Right Home for you

Real talk: settling on a new house is equally terrifying as it is exciting. It’s undoubtedly the most critical financial buy that either of us undertakes in our lifetime. How do you narrow down the best locations? What if the house needs repairs and your budget won’t cut it? 

As Pakistan’s real estate sector is constantly fluctuating sellers have an advantage, which means buyers don’t get to pick and choose. Often home buyers have to give up their most important must-haves. Although quick and rational decision-making gives you a major edge, acting out of desperation can likely lead to a reckless purchase. However tumultuous the house-hunting process is, hiring a local real estate agent is something you should consider.  

So grab your calculators, because we’re about to solve all the lingering questions that will help guide you before submitting an offer. 

Study The Floor Plan

We all want to make sure our dream design gets to see the light of day. Don’t be a rookie and wander around the private showing with a tape measure. Instead, just ask the listing agent for the updated floor plans. It will save you a great amount of money and time in the long run. Especially if you have any plans to redesign the house after placing an offer. 

property neighborhood

Do You Like The Area

Don’t just purchase a house for the sake of purchasing a house. You must be comfortable with the surrounding area of the property’s location and the amenities it entails. 

Most families gravitate towards a society situated by top-rated education institutions. There are many cons of buying a home near the best schools within your city, due to high protection during market downturns. 

Therefore you might want to scan out the area before finalizing the offer. 

Always Take a Second Look

We are living in Covid-19 stricken times, which is why there has been an influx of remote buyers over the past year. If it’s not possible to see the property, make sure to ask the agent to send you a real-time video of the house.

Make it a priority to check out the listing IRL before closing the deal. If the property agent allows you to view it more than once, then take advantage of it. Visit the house at different times not only to catch a glimpse of the neighborhood activity but also the interior and exterior of the house. 

Maybe, you’ll end up changing your mind because the housing society is not a reflection of what you’re looking to settle in. So, take your time.

property documentation

Review the Contract

Take the time to check the disclosure details with your real estate agent regarding the property’s prior history, damages, and other pertinent information. These details are a key component that will allow you to decide whether this property is the right fit for you. Although, prospective home buyers must go through the disclosure and reports before you sign on the dotted line. Sellers that omit disclosure details can find themselves in trouble if they aren’t honest. For things to go smoothly, including a competent agent in the house-hunting process is a beneficial strategy. 

Our Thoughts

If ever a red flag arises make sure to discuss it and trust your instinct. There might be not anything off with your home closing, but the heightened emotions might be clogging your decision.  

Don’t let the competitive offers or lack of listings dictate your choices. Building a game plan you are comfortable with is how you’ll find the “right” home.

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