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90% of millionaires earned money by investing in real estate. It is one of the most reliable methods that offer high ROI. Investing in Pakistan real estate amplifies your odds of success. The Pakistan real estate industry is loaded with lucrative investment opportunities. Whether you buy a property for sale, a house for sale, or invest in a commercial project for capital gains, there is a definite chance to strike gold. You will earn an immediate return on investments. Investing in real estate refers to the process of leasing, selling, and buying a real estate asset with the intention to generate capital. It is the best investment in Pakistan because it is a tangible asset. Generally, you generate revenue through rents and appreciation. The prices appreciate at a smooth pace, eliminating chances to suffer any loss.

The vitality of the real estate market weighs heavily on Pakistan’s economic growth. Whereas, the construction industry contributes approximately 2% of our economic output. And 70% of total wealth depends on its Real Estate sector. Thus, a boom in the Real Estate sector will significantly generate more employment opportunities. After all, our youth totals up 60% of Pakistan’s 220 million and growing population.


Division of Real estate

Real estate includes all different types of properties. They can be divided into five different types i.e residential agricultural, commercial, vacant land, and industrial. All of these types have their own benefits and can be help you gain high annual profits. 


Real estate investment Pros/Benefits


Economic Growth

Real estate is increasing rapidly, thus a bounteous impact on the economy means more productivity and a greater number of vacancies. To accommodate foreigners and locals, relocating for jobs, more residential real estate is needed. In turn, yielding more beneficial opportunities for investors. 

Easy Instalment Plans

Commercial projects in Pakistan offer best-suited 3 to 5 year plans to buy real estate in installments. It comprises a 20% to 30% initial down payment with a sum of money to be paid on a monthly or quarterly basis. The most captivating benefit of installments is that it remains the same, despite a hit in property costs. 

Tax Benefits

There are various taxes and other elements associated with them. However, as far as commercial properties are concerned, these taxes can be used for one’s benefit. 

But, its physical worth will drop, usually in 27.6 years. Also, other aspects might fall over ten years. All these losses can be balance out through a small proportion of market value profits. 

Huge Returns

If you’re an investor, you aim to search for real estate that will give you huge, rewarding returns. What’s enticing about this project is that it provides immediate monthly income.

Transparency and Security

Transparency and security are two vital components of real estate transactions. The idea of transparency includes a vast range of areas, from fair practices, legitimate documents, and no hidden costs.

Stable Market

Real estate investments are relatively more stable than stock or share investments. Once in a blue moon, the industry strikes recession. Usually, it remains at a smooth pace. This means there is a fat chance to experience loss in the sector. Therefore, they are ideal for risk-averse people.

Great Rental Yields

Rental yield is a key ingredient of property investment. It refers to the rent earned in a year, through real estate. Renting serves as a steady source of income. Moreover, as the economy grows, so do rental values, which in turn translates into lucrative capital values. All this boils down to security, stability, and safety in the real estate industry. 

Interest of Investors 

There are numerous reasons local/overseas Pakistanis invest their savings in real estate. Such as stable cash flow, tax advantages, and high investment (ROI) returns. Accordingly, high-end residential landscapes in major cities like Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore, offer world-class amenities that are appealing to overseas nationals. And as the majority of investors are overseas nationals, the latest governmental policy grants them a one-time relief. 


Commercial Real Estate Investment


Recently real estate is an emerging industry in Islamabad. A sudden and rapid increment in the property rates of Islamabad has been seen over a decade. The following factors played a crucial role in the greater demand for real estate investment.

  • Strategic location
  • Rapid growing housing societies 
  • Massive upcoming commercial projects 
  • Available for accommodation
  • Hub for new projects and expansions 

Real Estate investors are interested in both commercial and residential properties, and each of them has its pros and cons. Among these two, commercial properties have proven to be more fruitful because of the following factors.

  • High Returns
  • Solely for business
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Longer cash flow
  • Reliable tenants
  • Valuable property 

High Returns  

The major benefit of investing in commercial property is that they yield high returns. In addition, If you are the owner of a commercial property located at some business center, its demand will be really high. The cost of commercial properties increases every now and then. If you buy a commercial property at the right time and in the right place, hold onto it for 5 to 10 years and rent it out to cover maintenance costs and taxes. By the end of this period, you can sell it for far more than what you bought it for. 

Solely for business

Most of the investors buy commercial property as they are acquired for business and investments. They rent properties like offices and shops just to earn monthly income. If the real estate market is going well in your region, you can rent out space at a very good price. On the other hand, residential property is treated more as a necessity than an investment or business avenue.

Low maintenance cost

The standard of commercial real estate is that the tenants are usually responsible for extra maintenance and repairs expenses, as they cannot accommodate any loss for the business. The commercial property owner can draft a contract that puts liability on the tenants to pay expenses of the maintenance before leasing the property. This allows the owner to be free from all the extra expenditures.

Longer cash flow

Commercial properties have a longer lease period, therefore there is a guarantee of a longer cash flow period. The value and price of the commercial property depend on the legal documents and the rent decided in the presence of a lawyer. The agreed rent is an essential part of commercial plots, as when it comes to unpaid rents, the landlord reserves the right to penalize the tenant resulting in immediate eviction, agreed over the lease document.

Reliable tenants

As the offices barely change their location and stay at the same place for months, the owner can count on finding reliable tenants with long-term leases.  In contrast, the tenants of residential property can leave suddenly and the owner can be left with an empty space that needs to be filled.

Valuable property  

The major feature determining the value of the commercial property is its location. The more busy the location, the more valuable it will be. As commercial properties are rented or leased by different businesses, they are willing to pay more than the residential tenants as the properties are more valuable and located at the central locations.

Bottom line

The real estate sector is rapidly transforming as various companies introduce innovative and creative attractions to gain a competitive edge in the highly competitive markets. This emerging trend in the real estate industry is not likely to die in the foreseeable future. In addition to a one-stop destination for shopping, people now demand more amusing experiences from malls. 

Therefore, to cater to the growing customer needs, developers are turning up to luxurious amenities and fascinating attractions. All these attributes secure the future of malls in Pakistan, and so do investors. Pakistan is trying to bring international investors to its real estate industry, so it has a lot of potential and capacity to prosper.

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