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5 Tips For a Happier Home

tips to make your home happier

tips to make your home happier

Do you feel emotionally connected to your home? If you answered ‘no’, then maybe it’s time to change the narrative. Our homes embody a piece of our personality: our mood and productivity are greatly influenced by our surroundings. In fact, many scientific studies have suggested that with the tiniest of adjustments you can dial up the happiness meter. Adding new habits and routines to your daily lives can be a catalyst for bringing a positive change to your life.  

Here are five simple tips that can be colossal in pursuing a happy life and creating a happy home.

Display a collection of sentimental items

Years zoom past, but memories never fade. They remind us of some memorable experiences and times, something material things can’t provide. Attached to those sentimental pictures or collectibles are all people and moments that have led you to be the person you are. It’s a reminder of the things that you value, and walking past a gallery of beautiful flashbacks will only brighten your day.

Organize your thoughts in a gratitude journal 

With daily job stressors, failing economies, and pandemic updates, it has become virtually impossible to process it all. Try jotting down happy memories before you go to bed or add it to your morning routine. There is literally no bad way to journal. Try it out, list 3 things you’re grateful for each day or briefly describe the best part of your day. Taking a moment to reflect and shower yourself with positive affirmations is the best way to foster gratitude.

Splurge on things that can create incredible experiences at home

A home isn’t a home without great company. Invest in things that can elevate moments, whether that means saving up for a new grill or the latest entertainment system. Who doesn’t love catching up with friends over for delicious barbeques or having a cozy family slumber party with the biggest blockbuster DVDs?

You get to set the mood

Someone wise once said that “the dishes are not going to clean themselves”, a tedious chore that can be enjoyable if the vibe is right. Believe it or not, some people find cleaning dishes to be the most soothing part of their day. There’s something satisfactory about the warm water trickling down your hands. Get into the process. Crank up your favorite Taylor Swift song. Have a sing-along session for one. We promise you can have the time of your life doing dishes once you find the lighter side of it.

Take a moment to connect with a power that’s beyond yourself

Studies have shown that for most people their happiness is in sync with their respective spiritual beliefs. Taking the time to connect with the universe and with it yourself can give you a different perspective on the way you view certain things. For most venturing on an outdoor adventure can help us make sense of life. Others like to journal. You can even create a relaxing sanctuary in your home. Bring in a spa touch with some candles, delve into a good read, and just unplug from everyday distractions.

tips to make your home happier

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