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The Space Mall

Project of

Pakistan's first space themed mall

The space mall set a universal benchmark of theme-oriented development in the real estate industry. The mall will comprise six levels. Level 3 is primarily reserved for a food court, with an outer space atmosphere; 4th and 5th floors are dedicated to apartments/suites; the sixth level will be a penthouse. In addition to the sheer size, The mall is an ultimate one-stop destination for just about everything. It’s a unique theme and curved infrastructure makes it stand out of the crowd. The project is by the Al-Bari group of companies


Zero Gravity Area

Step into an entirely distinct, no gravity world. Our 90 feet round atrium comprises ultra-modern technology that will let you discover an incredible sensation of outer space. The technology pioneers development in commercial products to offer revolutionary experiences to clients and the general public. Our gravity-free concept perfectly bridges the gap between the world’s needs and innovative technological advancement.

Shopping Mall

Our Shopping centre is well-planned to be your one-stop destination for all national and international brands. With our fashion-forward shops and space-themed environment, our space-themed mall will add colors to your overall shopping experience. And, if you get tired of your shopping spree, we got comfortable sitting corners for you to relax. It will cover five floors.

Golf Stimulator

Your next golf adventure in an entirely different realm. We leverage the best technologies, cutting edge simulators with most accurate golf balls and swing calculations to mimic ball flight results, as astonishing as outdoor games. For the very FIRST TIME in Pakistan, experience virtually identical golf games without leaving indoor convenience. The additional perks include highly viable object trajectory, air resistance, crosswinds, and even ground resistance. 



Experience the lavish lifestyle you deserve! The space mall plans to build stunning palladian-proportioned flats with excellent finish, quality materials, and versatile planning on its fifth and sixth floor. Each apartment will consist of either one or two spacious bedrooms. Filled with tremendous entertainment downstairs, the space mall is truly your luxurious lifestyle destination.

Space Museum

Open a doorway to outer space and unlock the most enthralling achievements of the last frontier, under one roof. Our space museum encompasses a significant collection of aviation and space artefacts, as well as archival components, materials, and work of our honourable forces. The space museum pays a tribute to our nation’s heroes while unravelling the wonders of what lies beyond. 


Food Court

Our delectable food court is our Crown Jewel. The food court will be home to all types of Chinese to Asian to Italian cuisines with 42 different kitchens to pick from. With a unique space concept, the food court allows you to experience life from another world. Feel free to sight eye-catching space ornaments, while enjoying a bite of delight.

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