Immerse Yourself
In Marine Exhibits
Infinty Pool
Enjoy Uninterrupted Views
At Spectacular Skywalk
Dream-Like Nautical Ambiance
At The Aquatic Suites
Pakistan's First
Cylindrical Aquarium
Outrageous Dine-In Experience
With Sea Creatures Swiming by


The Aquatic mall is the first marine-themed mall in Pakistan.
Conventional malls offer brick and mortar experience and lack attractions. The Aquatic Mall is setting new trends by introducing innovative experiences, beyond shopping spree.  The underwater tunnel, marine-themed restaurant, sky walk, and cylindrical aquarium are major attractions of the mall. Together with being an integral need of neighboring society, the project offers a perfect blend of innovation, convenience, and luxury. It introduced an iconic world, out of this planet, packed with aqua venture amenities.


Underwater Tunnel

An Underwater Tunnel, encapsulating a wide array of marine species imported from all over the globe. Walk down the glass aquarium tunnel and discover the benevolence and bounties of Almighty ALLAH in the form of marine species around you and your loved ones.


 World’s Tallest Aquarium

The Aquatic Mall introduces a  state of the art concept with a vision to revolutionize the ordinary shopping experience. The most astonishing point is the centralized aquarium. The tallest cylindrical acrylic glass aquarium, rising up from ground level to the fifth floor of the mall, containing a variety of marine species.



Kids Area

The Kids Area is an entire festival in itself. Designed with “The Child” in mind and curated with love and imagination, the Aquatic Mall claims to provide a cheerful play area. A boutique fun maza, featuring arcade games, bumper cars, 360 swings, and much more.


Marine Themed Restaurant

The Aquatic Mall food court also features a marine-themed restaurant, referred to as the Heart of the Mall. This unusual wonder is a feast for the eyes. The restaurant is designed to have a large aquarium, sprawling throughout the restaurant’s premises, rather than having concrete monotony, thus absolutely revitalizing your dining experience.